Thank you for your interest in my work, please take a moment to read this prior to booking your consultation.

I tattoo by appointment only and a consultation is required prior to the appointment. Exceptions will be made for people traveling from far away for the tattoo. At the moment I'm only accepting projects in BlackWork style and Traditional Japanese. I enjoy doing projects of any size, so long as they are bigger than palm sized. 

Please have a solid idea in mind when booking a consultation. Many people book not knowing what they would like, and expect me to have the answer. I am more then happy to work on an idea with you, but the main concept should come from you. 

Please do some research before coming to the consultation. I see many of the same photos over and over from the first pages of Google or Pinterest. A tattoo should be personal, unless you are going for a classic theme, take a little extra time to research deeper. 

Please bring more than one reference in with you, anything that could help me understand what you have in mind. 

Assuming that we come to an agreement on the project, I require a non-refundable drawing deposit. The drawing deposit will be anywhere from $100 to $500, depending on the size and intensity of the piece.  In the case of a multiple session tattoo, I will keep the deposit until the end of the tattoo and the amount will go towards the last session. 

I charge a flat rate of $180 an hour with a minimum charge of $300.

If you cannot make it to your consultation appointment, please give me 24 hours notice. 

You can book your consultation by calling Victory Tattoo 778 379 8287 or by emailing me at